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Operator Requests

Users who don't want to use WWW-requests or the AutoDRM (because they don't want GSE2.0 output, have too long time windows, have too many events or for any other reason) should send their requests to Klaus.Stammler (at) This requests will be processed internally at the SZGRF with our copy and reformat programs. Since we have to type in some commands manually the response times are of course longer than using automatic interfaces. You could help us if you put your request in our internal request format. The internal request format has one line per time window, specifying start time and length in seconds separated by one or more blanks. Example:

1-feb-93_08:30:20 1800
20-nov-94_23:30 1800
11-aug-1995_4:46:10 1800

or equivalently

1,2,93,8,30,20 1800
20,11,94,23,30 1800
11,8,95,4,46,10 1800

Please do not enter blanks within the start time like '1, 2,93, 8,30' or '1-feb-93 08:30'. Please tell us also:

i) which output format (SEED, Mini-SEED {no headers}, GSE1 or GSE2)
ii) which stations (grf, grsn or both; list of station names see available data )
iii) which channels (bh, lh or both)
iv) which components (z or zne)
v) which exchange media (ftp, exabyte tape, DAT tape or CD-Recordable)

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